Plot Waypoints with GPSNavX or MacENC and Transfer to iNavX

The X-Traverse Application for Mac OS X allows waypoints and routes to be uploaded to a Fugawi X-Traverse account by dropping GPX or KML files on its main window. Once uploaded the waypoints can be transferred to the iNavX iPhone/iPad app.

Waypoints groups and routes from GPSNavX and MacENC may be dropped on The X-Traverse Application for Mac OS X.


Download Charts for use with GPSNavX or MacENC

Using the The X-Traverse Application for Mac OS X, selected maps and charts purchased at Fugawi X-Traverse may be activated and downloaded for use in GPSNavX and MacENC.

In addition the free NOAA Raster Charts can be downloaded.

No CD's to be mailed. No complicated registration. Selected Marine charts can also be used in iNavX at no additional expense.

Note: Charts loaded in MacENC, GPSNavX or iNavX may be used indefinitely without regard to expiration.

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Get the X-Traverse Application for Mac OS X
Download the X-Traverse Application for Mac OS X. Note: Requires OS X 10.6 or later.


Version 3.62


X-Traverse Marine Charts compatible with GPSNavX and MacENC and iNavX


Mexico Marine Charts

Sea Of Cortez
Pacific Mexico

Brazil Marine Charts

Brazil Coast Plus Rio


Canadian Marine Charts
RM-ATL01 Newfoundland East and South
RM-ATL02 Gulf of St. Lawrence South
RM-ATL03 Quebec to Anticosti Island West
RM-ATL04 Labrador Coast
RM-ATL05 Gulf of St. Lawrence North - Newfoundland West
RM-ATL06 Nova Scotia South - Bay of Fundy
RM-CEN01 Montreal to Quebec - Richelieu River
RM-CEN02 Kingston to Montreal - Richelieu River
RM-CEN03 Lake Ontario
RM-CEN04 Lake Erie
RM-CEN05 Lake Huron - North Channel
RM-CEN06 Georgian Bay
RM-CEN07 Lake Superior
RM-CEN08 Rideau Canal - Ottawa River
RM-CEN09 Trent-Severn Waterway
RM-CEN10 Lakes around Georgian Bay
RM-CEN11 Rainy Lake & Lake of the Woods
RM-CEN12 Lakes and Rivers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
RM-NOR01 Northern Canada
RM-PAC01 Vancouver Island West - Queen Charlotte Islands
RM-PAC02 Vancouver Island East
RM-PAC03 Queen Charlotte Sound - Hecate Strait to Portland Canal
RM-PAC04 Lakes and Rivers of British Columbia

Fishing Charts
I-01 Baja North
I-02 Baja South
I-03 Puerto Vallarta
I-04 Manzanillo
I-05 Zihuantenejo
I-06 Hautulco
I-07 Guatemala
I-08 Costa Rica / Panama
I-09 Guatemala
I-10 Windward Islands
I-11 Puerto Rico
I-12 Dominican Republic
I-13 Bermuda
I-14 Bahamas
I-15 Tampico
I-16 Mujeres
I-17 Belize
I-18 Columbia North
N-01 Gulf of Mexico North West
N-02 Gulf Of Mexico North Central
N-03 Gulf of Mexico North East
N-04 Florida Keys
N-05 East Florida
N-06 South Carolina
N-07 North Carolina
N-08 Virginia - Rhode Island
N-09 New Jersey - Massachusetts
N-10 Massachusetts - Maine
N-11 San Diego
N-12 Piedras Blancas
N-13 San Francisco
N-14 Punta Gorda
N-15 Oregon South
N-16 Oregon North
N-17 Washington

NOAA Marine Charts

US Rivers

Gold Marine Charts & HotMaps
Note: Navionics Charts are not compatible with GPSNavX
1XG USA and North Bahamas
2XG Canada and South East Alaska
3XG Caribbean, Central and South America
20XG Greenland and Iceland
28XG UK and Ireland
30XG Africa and Middle East
31XG Indian Ocean and South China Sea
35XG China and Korea
37XG Russia Upper Volga River
38XG Russia Moscow Area
39XG Russia Lower Volga River
40XG Russia Central Volga River
43XG Mediterranean and Black Sea
44XG Baltic, Finland, Sweden, Norway South
45XG Skagerrak and Kattegat
46XG France, Iberia, Netherlands, EU Inland Waters
49XG Norway
50XG Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Hawaiian Islands
C6 HotMaps Premium Canada
E6 HotMaps Premium East
N6 HotMaps Premium North
S6 HotMaps Premium South
W6 HotMaps Premium West
Fish'N'Chip - Great Lakes (bathymetric)
Fish'N'Chip - East (bathymetric)
Fish'N'Chip - West & Gulf (bathymetric)

nv charts

European and Caribbean Marine Charts
Already purchased a select nv-charts Paper/Digital chart kit Region?
Baltic 1 Rund Fünen - Kieler Bucht
Baltic 2 Lübecker Bucht - Bornholm - Kopenhagen
Baltic 3 Samsö - Sund - Kattegat
Baltic 4 Rund Rügen - Boddengewässer - Stettin
Baltic 5 Schwedische Westküste
Baltic 6 Polen - Litauen - Lettland
Baltic Limfjord
Inland Waters 1 Berlin - Märkische Gewässer
Inland Waters 2 Berlin - Mecklenburger Gewässer
Inland Waters 3 Nördliche Oder - Peene
Inland Waters 4 Elbe-Kanalverbindungen
Inland Waters 8 Göta Kanal-Trollhätte Kanal
Netherlands 12 Combined
Norway 1 Oslofjord to Lindesnes
Norway 2 Lindesnes to Bergen
Norway 3 Bergen to Trondheim
France 3 Atlantic Coast
France 4 Atlantic Coast
German North Sea 10
German North Sea 11
German North Sea 12
German North Sea 13
German North Sea 15
1.1 Maine
2.1 Massachusetts and Maine South
3.1 Rhode Island to Nantucket Sound
3.2 Long Island Sound
4.1 Long Island South and New Jersey
5.1 Chesapeake Bay North and Delaware Bay
5.2 Chesapeake Bay South
6.1 Virginia and North Carolina
6.2 South Carolina and Georgia
8.1 Florida Northeast
8.2 Florida Southeast
9 Bahamas Total
9.1 Northwest Bahamas
9.2 Central Bahamas
9.3 South East Bahamas
10.1 Cuba Northeast
10.2 Cuba Northwest
10.3 Cuba Southwest
11.1 Puerto Rico
12.1 Virgin Islands
12.2 Leeward Islands
12.3 Windward Islands
16.1 Bermuda
Mediterranean 1 Balearic Islands

New Zealand Marine Charts
New Zealand

European Marine Charts
Sweden Marine Charts
Finland Marine Charts


Caribbean Charts
Bahamas Northwest
Bahamas Central
Bahamas Southeast
Bahamas Complete
X-Traverse Maps compatible with GPSNavX and MacENC

Topo Maps


Canadian Lake Fishing Maps
Same Charts, Same Waypoints, Same Tracks on Mac and iPhone/iPad via X-Traverse